Student & Parent Guide


General Timings (Monday to Friday)
(i) 8:30 am to 2:30 pm - I to X
(ii) 8:30 am to 1:20 pm - Nursery to K.G.
 8:30 am to 1:20 pm - Nursery to X

Summer Timings (Monday to Friday)
(i) 6:40 am to 11:50 am - I to X
(ii) 6:40 am to 10:50 am - Nursery and K.G.
 6:40 am to 10:50 am - Nursery to X

Note : Pricipal has every discreet power to change the timings.

Important Signifying Features of School


Identity Card : Possession of Identity Card by the student(s) is imperative both within the school premises as well as outside the school.

Diary : For the regular academic curriculum or systematic way, all the procedure and other necessary criteria have been given in Diary for each one students. It also imparts very regular balances between parent, teacher and student's relationships.

There are six working days in a week.

Vacation : There would be 3 major vacations during one Academic Year viz. the Summer Vacation (May-June), the Puja Vacation (Sep-Oct) and Winter Vacation (Dec-Jan).

Recommendations for Parents/Guardians

  • Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities to ensure that their wards attend school regularly. Late entry to the school by the students without authentic reasons is unpardonable.
  • Parents/Guardians should see that their wards are immaculately dressed in proper uniform. Short hair neatly combed i a compulsary part of school uniform. Finger nails should be properly manicured and wearing of untidy socks and unpolished shoes by the student(s) is unpardonable.
  • Parents/Guardians-Teachers Meeting would be held for which intimation would be sent before hand.
  • Parents are requested to countersign the home-tasks checked by the subject teacher.

Leave Rules

  1. The students are expected to be regular in attending the school. Late comers will be marked present against an affidavit.
  2. Normally leave should be sanctioned before it is actually availed Parents/Guardians are expected to give a note in this regard in the space provided for this purpose in the Student's diary and the student is expected to get in permitted by the section-in-charge of the class, prior written permission of the principal is essential. If leave is availed without prior permission under unforeseen circumstances, it should be got regularized soon after coming back to school.
  3. In case of prolonged illness, the leave application must be supported by a medical certificate.
  4. If a student absents himself from school for six days in a month without getting prior permission, the principal may remove his/her name from the rolls of the school.
  5. Leave during examination days, due to unavoidable circumstances, can only be got granted by the principal.

Fee and Other Charges

  1. Tution Fees are to be paid for all twelve months.
  2. The school bus fare is charge for the 12 months. No concession is allowed in this respect. It is to be paid every month with the tution fee.
  3. Computer fees are to be paid for 12 months at a time. To facilitate the parents/guardians, the total computer fees for the year can paid on two instalments, viz. first instalments at the time of admission with session fees and second instalment in the month of September in the same academic year.
  4. Pupils whose fees are over due for the 2nd consecutive month will have to either pay Rs. 50/- as re-admission fees or their struck off the roles.
  5. There will be no reduction in the Bus Fee on account of holidays, vacation or any period of absence by pupil(s).
  6. Fees and other charges to be paid annually by the students, on promotion on the next class, will be beintimated with the Progress Report of the Annual Examinations.
  7. All Payments to the school are to be made in CASH.

Some Important Rules for The Hostelers

  • Parents/Guardians should strictly warn their wards NEVER TO RUN AWAY from the Hostel or to leave it without proper Gate Pass. It is the most serious offence and such cases will not be given a second chance. The Hostel authorities will NOT AT ALL be responsible for such an irresponsible step taken by a Boarder.
  • In our Hostel Mobiles are considered more dangerous than the explosive bombs. Any Boarder caught with the cell-phone will be expelled with a bad character certificate.
  • Keeping money is the source of all evils for the Boarder. Guardians are sincerely requested not to give even a rupee to their wards. Money seized from the Boarders will never be refunded and a fine triple the amount seized will be imposed upon the concerned Boarder.
  • The inmates of the Hostel are not allowed to keep any food stuff with them.
  • English is the medium of conversation in the Hostel and the use of any other language is a serious offence. Guilty will be fined Rs. 50/- immediately.
  • Authorized Visitors may meet their wards only once in a month (Sunday) after obtaining proper Visitor's slip from main office.
  • If a Boarder wants to withdraw himself from the Hostel in the middle of the session, one month prior notice in writing for such intention or a month's fee in lieu therfore is to be given. However, in case of withdrawal from the hostel in the middle of the session, Seat Rent @ Rs 800/- per month will be charged for the whole session.
  • In no case a Boarder is allowed to be become a day scholar.
  • Boarding fees are charged for twelve months, April to March.
  • Gate Pass for leaving the Hostel is issued only when the fees till that particular month is cleared in which the gate pass is being used. This is applicable not only for the vacations but for every gate pass being made for the Boarders.
  • No reducation in fees is made on account of a Boarder remaining absent for a longer period or returning late to the Hostel due to any reason.
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